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ISO 30409 HR Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is a pretty powerful planning tool for any enterprise, since it promotes a clear understanding of an organization’s human and financial resources as discrete units among a collective entity. This thorough knowledge of the active components of an enterprise ensures its effectiveness in recognizing current and potential workforce supply and demand which can assist in controlling organizational performance outcomes during times of change, growth or any such events.

ISO 30409:2016 provides guidelines and a framework for workforce planning that are applicable to the needs of any organization regardless of size, industry or sector, also helps organizations respond more effectively to their current and projected requirements for staff.

While ISO 30409:2016 does standardize the workforce planning procedure, it does not specify a single shared method of carrying it out. Instead, it covers several means of conducting the process, identifying the many concerns and interests that human resource management should consider. At the core of this is the structure of workforce planning. The structure should address the issues relevant to the organization, and it is often necessary to segment the workforce for assessment. The exact segmentation approach, according to ISO 30409:2016

Benefits of implementing ISO 30409:

  • Maintaining Good Working Conditions
  • Improved Employee Relations
  • Improved Employee Training and Development
  • Identification of critical resources (human and other)
  • Clear understanding of organizational goals by the entire workforce
  • Improved contribution from the employees resulting in better productivity
  • Reduced Project delays and halts resulting in better brand value
  • Improved morale in the workplace
  • Development of employee skills



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